As an advisor and coach, I help founders and executives with growth strategy, business development, nonconformist innovation and strategic marketing.

I work with both start-ups and small-mid sized businesses. I worked with the CEO and CTO of Palerra, the leading cloud access security broker and pioneer of the API-based CASB solution and VeriClouds, an early pioneer of the identity threat intelligence space.

If you are an executive or business owner seeking to grow your business and improve performance, my coaching service might be what you need.  Coaching programs are designed to address the specific areas you would like to work on, which may include:

  • Improving your ability to engage with your target audience
  • Developing new product and/or market opportunities
  • Improving the culture of nonconformist innovation in your company
  • Improving your writing and thought leadership
  • Enhancing your online presence, messaging and social proof

Coaching success does not happen overnight. I require a 6-month commitment to the program. That ensures we have enough runway to achieve the desired objectives.

Alternatively, you can book a one hour or half-day session with me to make sure we can work well together. A one-hour coaching session costs $400 and a half-day strategy session costs $1800.

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